A Body Of Her Own
  • Author: Ella Kanner
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

A Body Of Her Own

A rare glimpse behind the scenes of one of Judaism’s oldest rituals

Ella Kanner grew up as a secular Jew until age 18. Today she is Orthodox, with insight into both sides of the Jewish experience. Her book reveals the emotional and spiritual response of different women to the inner sanctity of the Mikveh, the Jewish ritual of purification, one of Judaism’s oldest and most special ceremonies.

A Body of Her Own presents absorbing monologues by women of various ages, localities, and levels of society. With remarkable openness and sensitivity, the women tell of their most intimate parts of their lives. They speak of difficulties, lies, excitement, shame, sanctity, and the discomfort.

The book brings to light the personal and unique perspective of different women’s relationships with their bodies, its connection with their womanhood, and the effect the ritual of the Mikveh has on their lives.

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