2056 The Truth
  • Author: Zvi Speiser
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

2056 The Truth

Has God been discovered?

Just as Dr. Paul Hill’s quantum communication system starts receiving messages from civilizations across the galaxy, his project is abruptly defunded and shut down. Following the discovery of what appears to be unequivocal evidence to the existence of God, hidden in messages coded in the human genome, those in power believe they now hold all the answers.

But do they?

Together with his colleague Dr. Zoe Reznik, the two scientists track secrets in the Galaxy lost to humanity, but they are not alone. Their journey will have them facing off with the Chinese government, the Christian church, and a hidden sect of zealots thought long-gone, sworn to keep humanity on the path of God.

Set after the events of 2036: The Proof, Zvi Speiser’s latest novel is full of modern-day answers to questions old as time, as to mankind’s place in the universe, the true power of faith and more.

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