100 American Favorite Dishes
  • Author: Efrat Petel
  • Language: English
  • Category: Food, Health & Lifestyle

The Real Food Version Cookbook

Make every meal their favorite meal! This fantastic book spares parents the arduous task of yet another mealtime, trying to get the kids to eat something healthy, or otherwise having to prepare once again kid-friendly food, usually not of the most nutritious variety. In this exquisite book, Efrat Petel, Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Chef, shares her passion for wholesome eating. Efrat has combined her vast knowledge of American cuisine and her enthusiasm for real food alternatives, creating a masterpiece of 100 mouthwatering, traditional dishes. Each amazing recipe, accompanied by colorful photographs, portrays ways in which long-time, beloved favorites are transformed into nutritious alternatives, yet retain their delicious, rich flavors. For her ingredients, Efrat opts for real foods that are minimally processed and free of common allergens. She also includes variations to accommodate common dietary requirements.

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