Where Orange Blossoms Grow: A Novel
  • Author: Shlomit Miron
  • Language: English
  • Category: רומנים, ספרות נשים

Where Orange Blossoms Grow: A Novel

A poignant, adventurous novel of passions extinguished and rekindled, as one woman discovers all the miracle falling in love needs is a single spark.

"The truth is magic; everything else is an illusion."

When Nava Greenberg, a retired widow, first meets the aging mentalist Izzy Shapira, she cannot make heads or tails of him. While her life is routine, his is spontaneous and rare. While she lives day-by-day, he lives for every second. He is impulsive, childlike… and mesmerizing.

Together with Izzy, Nava slowly leaves the comfort of her "island" – the small apartment that kept her safe and isolated from the world. And as their relationship flourishes, so do Nava's self-image and esteem. Izzy's wild, unbound lifestyle sends Nava on a series of adventures that span seas and continents in a saga she had never even dared to dream of.

But even men like Izzy have secrets, and when his secret finally bubbles up to the surface, it threatens not only Nava's newfound independence but also her blissful hopes for their shared future together, where the orange blossoms grow.

Humor, pain, and longing mix together as Nava and Izzy's story unfolds. Where Orange Blossoms Grow is a passionate tale of courage and second chances – and the miraculous journeys of love that follow.

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