we were strangers
  • Author: Israel Oz
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת

We Were Strangers

The love of two strangers against the world

He was busy supporting his wife on her final journey when their eyes met. She too was there with her husband. A while late, when both are in Italy, they accidently meet again and their fleeting glance develops into a romance.

They learn they have a lot in common, not only the loss of a partner to cancer and the pain of being left alone. Even though they belong to different religions – Yossi is Jewish and Jihan is Arab-Christian, their romance turns into a loving partnership.

The hope that their families and community will accept them as a couple and focus on the love between them, is painfully tested, leaving their relationship fragile.

They have to face angry family members and hate filled community members, some of whom vehemently oppose their wish to be together. Now, she has to make a choice between her son and her happiness and he is forced to make a cruel choice between remaining in his community and putting an end to their personal happiness, or staying together and be ostracized, losing everything.

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