Visit to Granny Love
  • Author: Lea Ben Shlomo
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

Visit to Granny Love

Noway and José, the two boy-dolls, become Yonatan’s favorite toys.

His room is teeming with toys Uncle Meir’keh brings him every time he comes to visit, but whenever new ones arrive, Yonatan forgets to play with Noway and José.

At night, while Yonatan is sleeping, an entire bubbling world of dolls and other toys awakens to life.

Secrets about Granny Love, the night magician, sneak into their conversations. With her magic fingers, she repairs and restores old toys so children can go back to playing with them as though they had just been bought that day.

Noway and José wish with all their hearts they could also be repaired and restored.

With the help of the magic mirror they get to Granny Love’s home only to learn the hard way that one should be careful with magic words, because wishes may come true but not quite in the way we imagined.

Despite obstacles and mishaps, Noway and José won’t give up their dream and will find a way to get their hearts’ desire.

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