Virgin Mary

What do the Holocaust, unsustainable car based sprawl and oil dominated politics have in common?

Virgin Mary is the first chapter of Refuge City, a sweeping historical saga that weaves a profound and innovative understanding of the 20th century into a gripping drama.

A breathtaking drama that shades light on untold chapters of the world’s history.

Virgin Mary presents an eye-opening perspective on fundamental historical process that have changed the world and shaped our lives till this day: the erosion of the American liberal rail-based paradigm; the attempted transformation of the Ottoman Empire into a united multi-ethnic state; the Armenian genocide and the Jewish genocide at the Pale of Settlement, and more. Prepare to challenge your concepts of past and future world history and gain a new understanding on the world today.

An historical drama of great magnitude and scope.

Virgin Mary illuminates the conflicts that have shaped the world as we know it through the eyes of unique heroes of conflicting minority identities. Mary is the “nigger loving” daughter of Confederate President Davis, attempting to surmount the racist circumstances she was born to. Spera is a deviant trying to overcome the pogrom in her shtetl and rescue her people. Rashid is an egalitarian Muslim in deadly conflict with his jihadist brother. Their lives are weaved into an intriguing plot that points to surprising and insightful connections between their historical situations. The result is a fresh and fascinating look on the 20th century that will grab you from the very first page.

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