Escaping on the Danube River
  • Author: Shmuel David
  • Language: English
  • Category: ביוגרפיה, יהדות, שואה

Escaping on the Danube River

Escaping on the Danube River is their only hope for survival.

Europe, 1939. Hanne is an adolescent boy, born into a wealthy family from Belgrade. When they realize the Nazi threat is advancing towards the Balkans in giant strides, his parents are prepared to do anything to save their son’s life.

The road to survival, however, is fraught with danger.

Just as Europe’s gates are about to shut down, Hanne and 1,100 other youths sail away on the Danube River. On board the ship, under appalling living conditions, Hanne meets Inge, a young German Jewish girl, and side by side, they face the challenges on their way.

But their journey for survival becomes increasingly difficult with every passing day.

When promises of a boat that should take them to the Black Sea prove false and Nazi army forces are just around the corner, their plan for escape is in real danger. What fate awaits Hanne and Inge? Will they be able to turn their dream of escape into reality?

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