Trapped in the Web
  • Author: Sigal Ben-Artzi
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Trapped in the Web

When the Internet giants’ interests are at stake, they will do anything to stay in control.

Jimmy, an LA advertiser, is sent to Silicon Valley to investigate a suspected cybercrime related to his work; how two almost identical online publicity campaigns have been yielding entirely different results.

Frank, a police officer on sabbatical leave from San Francisco, joins him on his assignment. Thanks to some strategic contacts, the two manage to infiltrate the leading Internet giants and are met with intricate manipulations being carried out by the companies at the expense of their customers.

As their investigation progresses, strange things begin to happen. A series of mysterious car accidents follows, and things become all the more complicated.

In a world governed by money and power, Jimmy and Frank’s mission has the potential to disrupt the power balance of the barons of the web. Will the two be successful? Or will the new rulers continue to do as they wish?

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