Tomorrow the tangles will unravel

Tomorrow The Tangles Will Unravel

Heartrending family and social experiences transformed into beautiful, captivating poetry

The poems in this book explore the themes of love and its complexity, marital upheaval, separation and loss, and the author’s large family (13 brothers and sisters, 5 of whom are blind; a brother killed upon completion of military service; a sister who died of cancer). They are the deciphering code for the sensitive reader of an encrypted autobiography, written in the face of so much hardship, and no doubt because of it.

Despite the sadness and angst, they bring light and delight to the heart of the reader

The optimistic title chosen for the book, Tomorrow the Tangles will Unravel (a quote from the last line of the poem, “Recovery” reflects the hopeful tone of the poems, despite all of the difficulties and evils depicted in them. It alludes to the insights and paths of light that conquer the heart of the reader.

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