To Live Without Pain
  • Author: Ronen Welgrin
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

To Live Without Pain

Don't let pain affect your daily life!

Do you suffer from neck, back and spinal pain that impairs the way you function day to day?

Are you interested in improving the condition of your back today and preventing health issues in the future?

Would you like to keep your immediate family from having back problems?

Many of us experience back and neck problems due to incorrect posture. Sitting, standing, lying down, moving objects, exercising, coughing, putting shoes on, placing an infant in a car, to name just a few routine activities—if done incorrectly—may cause serious damage to our spine and back.

People repeatedly make the same mistakes. So, is it any wonder they see no improvement?

After over twenty years of helping thousands of patients with back, neck and spinal problems, Dr. Welgrin, Chiropractor, reveals the practices he uses to maintain his own spinal health and help many others.

This book will help you improve your back and spinal health even if you are healthy and do not suffer from pain today without taking medication, using only natural methods, correct posture and proper body mechanics. These simple techniques will minimize the chances of future problems while greatly improving your quality of life.

This book is mandatory for all those who seek to prevent, reduce, and suppress back and spinal pain and boost their well-being overall!

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