Tiny Light
  • Author: Lee Young
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

Tiny Light

Help your children face their bedtime fears by showing them how magical nighttime can be.

Noah is afraid of the dark, but his mother has a wonderful idea – together, they embark on an incredible journey beyond the bedroom window, where they discover that everyone has their own little light that shines for them in the night. Noah meets the tiny lights of the night, which become more miraculous as he progresses through his journey and falls in love with the magic of bedtime.

Tiny Lights is a story that merges dreams and reality, addresses the beauty and mystery of the night and helps children face their fears. Children will learn that even in the darkest night, they can always find a little light, real or imaginary, to shine for them and guide them on their way.

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