Timefulness by Amir Peled
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Timefulness: Why Successful People Don't Match Their Socks

Timefulness offers you the key to unlocking a life of serial successes.

From Confucius, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, and Einstein to Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk: Ever wondered what the common factor is behind the remarkable success of these individuals? People whom Amir Peled, author of Timefulness, refers to as “serially successful.”

So, what do they all share? More importantly: How can YOU duplicate it in your own life?

With its clear and easy-to-follow “Five-Step Plan” rooted in timeless wisdom yet impeccably relevant to today’s evolving paradigms, Timefulness is an action-packed guide brimming with practical tools, innovative exercises, and transformative strategies.

Dive into the heart of every triumphant narrative, from Fortune 500 titans to legendary figures like Charles Shwab and Thomas Edison. Discover the Einstein Effect,” Peled’s profound insight into humanity’s innate ability to make efficient choices when time is unmistakably at stake.

Use Timefulness to:

  • Duplicate “The Einstein Effect” to your own life with a “Five-Step Plan” in the field of your choice: From winning a promotion or mastering a job interview to finding a spouse or becoming a better parent.
  • Deploy actionable steps, tools, and templates tailored for immediate implementation: From minimizing or better utilizing the time we spend on social media to practical advice on how to extend our lifespan to up to 7.2 years with high statistical significance.

For aficionados of Atomic Habits, Outliers, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Thinking, Fast and SlowTimefulness unfolds a groundbreaking perspective on mastering time, life, and success.

Timefulness doesn’t just redefine how you view time and successit redefines how you live it.

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