Thin Minded
  • Author: Karin A. H.
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Thin Minded

Control Your Hunger and Find the Way Out of the Dieting Circle

At any given time, millions of people around the world are on a diet, with their eyes on one goal only—to lose weight.

In today’s world, anyone who wishes to shed unwanted weight and also remain slim must first of all work on their thought patterns. Without this, the process is doomed to fail.

In this book you’ll find a simple but powerful tool that can help you change your life—first mentally and then also physically. The book will show you how you can leave the infinite circle of dieting, learn to control your appetite and identify where it’s coming from—your body or your emotions. With time, you will realize that your eating habits have turned into intuitive eating (eating according to your actual hunger), and your emotional eating has stopped (you don't eat for emotional reasons like peer pressure, or boredom, to name a few).

One of the main ideas brought up in this book is personifying the hunger we all have inside and imagining it as a small selfish and greedy character named Gulo. The Gulo pushes us to eat as much as possible, regardless of our physical hunger or true desires.

As you collect victories over the Gulo, you’ll realize the war being waged inside you is subsiding.

Your humongous objective, losing weight—will become a reality.

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