The Woman from Sidne Ali Beach
  • Author: Ora Asahel
  • Language: English
  • Category: רומנים, ספרות נשים

The Woman from Sidne Ali Beach

The story of a difficult, abandoned childhood – leading a multi-faceted woman to triumph.

She stood facing the sea, her gaze fixed on the calm horizon which seemed to melt her innards. She felt the brush of the water caressing her flesh, the sand on the soles of her feet, she heard the rustle of the wind and felt that she was truly alive and would continue to live. She felt butterflies in her stomach moving up towards her chest, felt beloved, desirable, wanted, and belonging to the shore and this wonderful morning.

But as she returned, still sunk in thought, she suddenly noticed far out at sea a human head and waving hands. She heard a shout, but the beach was solitary and quiet. Was it her imagination or was there a human life depending on her?

The Woman from Sidne Ali Beach is a collection of short stories about women in relationships, in motherhood, in creativity and adventure, always searching for themselves. The mosaic of stories creates a complex and colorful picture of the impossible – flourishing from a difficult, abandoned childhood into fulfilling and successful adulthood.

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