The Weight of Happiness
  • Author: Ayelet Kalter
  • Language: English
  • Category: בישול ובריאות

The Weight of Happiness

Imagine a life free of weight worries

Imagine a life free of thoughts about what to eat, how much, and when.

Imagine a life in which you are finally free to be who you are!

Now imagine that all of it can really happen to you if you’ll only dare. The book “The Weight of Happiness – On Food, Body and Spirit” is the first step on the road to achieving that.

This book focuses on the touching journey of Ayelet Kalter, a dietician and eating behavior therapist, and her patient Tamar. A journey that began with the strong desire to lose weight but ended up leading to life changing insights. It’s the intimate story of a brave woman who dares open up before her readers and share in her personal struggle against the Kilograms. A woman who leads an exciting life but who also avoids full parts of her life because of her body weight. A woman who tries to free herself from this cage called – weight.

Joining her on this journey is her therapist who tries to “help” her. Ayelet Kalter, who used to be a clinical dietitian, helped thousands of people with their weight problem. She saw them lose the weight but also watched when they gained it back. Ayelet, who figured out the false promise of diet, is leading the fight against it in Israel for over twenty years. This journey, which peeks inside the therapy room, encompasses other stories about women and their struggle against weight and its mystical power. Stories of women who “came out of the closet” and shared their innermost secrets about food, weight – which they perceive as the thing that defines them – and the feeling that they are to blame for their predicament

This is a real story about life in a society that constantly measures its parts in calories and kilos. A society that makes it difficult for people to truly love themselves. It’s a story of women who dare to share their feelings and speak up. A story in which women dare to rebel. In many ways this is a beginning of a journey – a journey that the book “Mindful Eating – Free Yourself from the Diet Language” is a continuation of.

The book “The Weight of Happiness” will penetrate the deepest and innermost parts of your feelings. It will make you feel as if it was written about you. In each line you will find some part of your own life, your own reality, your own pain. Perhaps it will make you emotional, perhaps you will cry a bit but, eventually, I really hope that by the end of the book you will come to the realization that there is a whole other way to look at weight gain. A way which the book “The Weight of Happiness” will lead you to.

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