The Underground Engineer
  • Author: Ruth Eshel
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת

The Underground Engineer

A first-of-its-kind portrait of the life of Colonel Jenka Ratner – from his dazzling cross-continental adventures to his lifesaving inventions, and the founding of one of the most prolific defense Institute in history.

Palestine, 1942. As the flames of war blaze across Europe, brilliant young engineer Evgeni Ratner – “Jenka” to his friends – is recruited by the British Admiralty to fight the threat. As a member of the esteemed scientific division, he works tirelessly to create the weapon that will help defeat the German forces – but as a member of the underground Jewish resistance, Jenka knows his conflicting allegiance, might make him the target of the very people he serves.

Part sprawling historical saga, part fascinating historical adventure document, The Underground Engineer is based on the real story of the founding father of Israel’s top defense agency, Jenka Ratner: army brat, troublemaking student, fearless motorcycle adventurer and above all – brilliant inventor, whose work changed the course of history.

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