The Truth
  • Author: Arian Lev
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

The Truth

What is the subconscious? How is it formed? How does it reflect or create reality?

In this book by Arian Lev you will find answers to these questions. Her explanations will take you to the deepest levels of the subconscious and expose its most hidden secrets and codes.

Decades of research have proved that the subconscious has real control over our lives, our choices and our behavioral patterns whereas our conscious awareness, our so called rational side, has only a minor level of control over what we do and who we are.

Today there are many people looking for the pathway to our subconscious. Numerous books, among them some well known best sellers, have dealt with the subconscious and our ability to fashion a new reality by adopting positive thoughts.

This book will give the reader a broader and deeper understanding of the subconscious, of its structure and of the way it functions. Arian Lev reveals new outlooks and identifies a number of internal codes that link the subconscious to the brain and which block personal development.

The book describes in detail the therapy offered at the Arian Lev Institute which provides a way of removing these blockages.

Readers will find themselves embarking on a fascinating voyage into the deepest reaches of the soul and the subconscious. In the course of this voyage you will gain a new understanding of the how your personality and the reality of your life are formed.

The book is based on the Arian Lev method which the author has developed. Thousands of patients from Israel and all four corners of the globe have testified to the way in which their lives changed radically for the better. In the wake of the voyage they embarked on they were awakened to a new reality. Their lives today are intense, filled with confidence, acceptance and love.</p >

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