The Secret Jewish Sisters
  • Author: Tikva Rager
  • Language: English
  • Category: uncategorized

The Secret Jewish Sisters

Her sister held on to hope. She held on to their secret.

Germany, 1939. As the Nazi Party rises to power and hatred fills the streets, sisters Rita and Suzie are sent to live in a small abbey outside Antwerp, Belgium. Under the guise of two Christian orphans, the pair is left in the care of the abbey’s Mother Superior, but not before their father entrusts Rita with a task that will forever change her life…

Just nine years old, Rita is left in charge not only of her sister — but of the dangerous secret of their Jewish identities. While the young and impressionable Suzie is quick to embrace the abbey’s Christian upbringing, utterly unaware of her family roots, Rita remains haunted by the secret that could spell only heartbreak and pain for them both.

Alone in a world engulfed in war, Rita is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure her sister survives — and never learn the truth. But when their old identities eventually clash with the new, Rita is surprised to learn that the right choice is not that simple anymore. Can she bring herself to turn away from the life she grew to love?

Inspired by the true story of two sisters’ survival during World War II, The Secret Jewish Sisters is a heartbreaking tale of identity, survival, and sisterly love, perfect for fans of The Nightingale, Kelly Rimmer, and The Lighthouse Sisters.

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