The Second Life of Lilly Kimmel

The Second Life of Lilly Kimmel

She’s running away from her past. Can she shape herself a safer future?

Europe, 1921. When young, ambitious Lilly Kimmel finds herself alone and pregnant on a boat bound for South America, she is not merely off in search of adventure. In fact, Lilly is desperately escaping the life she left behind in her small hometown of Przemyśl in Poland.

Haunted by a failed marriage and irreparable damage to her reputation, she knows she must make a new life for herself – far away from the people who know her and those who hurt her. But no matter how far Lilly tries to run, her fate always seems to intertwine with theirs, beckoning the past into her future and threatening everything she is trying to build for herself and her family.

Estonia, 1995. Decades later, in a small restaurant in Estonia, a remarkable realization leads Ike Himmelschlager to a monumental discovery. What he learns about the secret life his late grandmother Lilly led will change everything he knew about the grandmother he loved – and everything he thought he knew about himself.

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