Jewish Identity

Jewish Identity

In this intriguing work based on years of research, Dr. Ruth Shamir Popkin guides readers through critical issues at the center of debate, both in the Jewish world in Israel and in the Jewish Diaspora that are critical to the continuity of the Jewish people.

The book elegantly addresses multiple questions revolving around Jewish identity, such as:

  • *Who is a Jew?
  • *Are Jews a nation or no more than a religious community?
  • *What does Jewish identity look like today, and how has it been affected by antisemitism?
  • *How do Diaspora Jews view Israeli identity and how do Israelis view Diaspora Jews?

Dr. Shamir Popkin reviews these complex and continually changing Jewish identities. She contends that Jews have no alternative – if their overarching identity is to be preserved then they must internalize multiculturalism to create an inclusive Jewish identity for the 21st century, in spite of the acute conflicts.

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