The Orphans' Father
  • Author: Dan Osterweil
  • Language: English
  • Category: ביוגרפיה, יהדות, שואה

The Orphans' Father

They lost everything to the War. They had no one. Then, they had Him.

Poland, 1939. Dr. Monek Osterweil leads an ordinary life as a doctor alongside with his wife Hela and their young daughter Ewa. As a pediatrician he feels his sole purpose was to protect and save as many children as he could. He worked like nothing could stop him. Not even the War.

Years later, a mysterious doctor appears in war-torn Budapest. His peers in the Red Cross know him as Dr. Karoly Kotarba, but his true identity reveals a shocking tale of courage and faith in a time of true despair. He keeps mostly to himself, but works tirelessly, driven by an unspoken promise.

Through imprisonment and daring escapes, faith lost and found again, author Dan Osterweil builds a hopeful, vivid, and inspiring re-creation of his family’s accounts during the holocaust, and the story of Monek Osterweil: the Jewish doctor who, by his selfless will to do good, became The Orphans’ Father.

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