the mendelssohnia theory
  • Author: Dor Toker
  • Language: English
  • Category: פנטזיה ומדע בדיוני

The Mendelssohnian Theory

The Mendelssohnian Theory: A Path through Destiny

A tale of a boy who grew up as a hunted man then became a hunter.

In the future, Adam, 16, a Jewish resident of the dome-covered Jewish Reservation is discovered to be the last step in the chain to make mankind a higher sophisticated being. Chased by powers and corporations wishing to put their hands on him and use his special skills for the realization of their own gains, the boy escapes across the solar system. They killed his parents, hurt his friends and now they try to prevent him from working alone. Adam fights for his life and for the right to control his own fate.

Even in a world as complex as the Earth, a single person has the power to change his own destiny and the future determination of all mankind.

Imagine a world made by unknown creators, a world that makes sense only by assembling a puzzle, which is a part of a larger enigmatic operation. A world tangled up in probabilistic chains that lead to human and technological progress. Completing this puzzle would lead to a quantum leap in human progression. This is the essence of the official religion on the future Earth of this story.

The Mendelssohnian Theory is based on the teachings of one great man: Moshe Mendelssohn.

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