The Magical Children

The Magical Children of Light

In this soon-to-be classic tale, readers of all ages will be carried away by a group of courageous children, united in their quest to melt the walls of fear in people’s hearts.


With enchanting illustrations and lyrical prose, Lilian Weisberger’s The Magical Children of Light weaves a tapestry of magic and wisdom that transcends cultural boundaries.

When Gali decides to go behind the forbidden wall on her ninth birthday, she discovers a world very similar to her own, with children playing in the streets, a bustling market, and friendly faces. However, a chance encounter with a young boy named Tarek melts away her fear of the other side.

The Magical Children of Light invite us to embark on an extraordinary adventure of friendship, courage, and imagination. Join Gali, Tarek, and their inspiring children’s movement as they fulfill their shared dream of a world where joy and love prevail over fear and prejudice.

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