The King’s Cartographer
  • Author: Jair Alcalay
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת

The King’s Cartographer

The world just beckons to be discovered…

Lisbon, 1481. On the backdrop of Catholicism's rise and the subsequent persecution of Europe's Jews, the Ben Avraham family have defied the odds and risen to fame as the King of Portugal’s most valued cartographers.

An avid explorer and passionate businessman himself, Isaac Ben Avraham dreams of the many discoveries still to be made across the vast expanses of the yet unknown world.

Motivated by his keen curiosity and the rising need to provide safety for his family, and supported by the King himself, Isaac carefully sets in motion the exploratory delegations that will ultimately lead to the greatest discoveries the world has ever seen.

The history of 15th century exploration comes to life in a riveting and exciting tale of maritime adventures and new-world discoveries to capture your heart and imagination.

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