The Hoarfrost King: An Epic Coming of Age Fantasy Novel
  • Author: Galit Ben-Ami
  • Language: English
  • Category: פנטזיה ומדע בדיוני

The Hoarfrost King: An Epic Coming of Age Fantasy Novel

A thousand years ago, a savior was born to unite a broken realm. She failed.

Five elements, five kingdoms. The delicate balance governing the magical land of Terah was hard-won by the blood of its people. But greed can be a dangerous ally, and when peace was finally within their reach, the cold-hearted king of Navara betrayed the rest – usurping the magical powers of all other kingdoms for himself. His tyrannical rule lasted a millennium.

Lexi and Jimmy live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, completely unaware of Terah’s woes and its people’s plight. When a mysterious artifact finds its way to them, the two childhood friends discover the important role they must play in the liberation of Terah’s kingdoms. Guided by the fabled Eye of Truth, and surrounded by surprising allies and fearsome foes alike, Lexi and Jimmy’s choices tie their fates with that of Terah and its magical inhabitants.

But a secret kept deep within the icy peaks of Navara threatens to extinguish Lexi’s resolve. A secret of a prophecy, a thousand years in the making. Because much like Terah, Lexi too is much more than meets the Eye.

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