The Healer From Qumran by Adiya Shapira

The Healer From Qumran

He wanted to heal the world… But first, she must heal his heart.

The son of a humble farmer, Asaf leaves the safety and comfort of his home in Galilee and follows his cousin Nimrod to join a secretive sect in the Qumran caves. Deep in the isolated Judean Desert, by the banks of the Dead Sea, the sensitive Asaf and the charismatic Nimrod are immersed in the wisdom of the Essenes – a choice that will ultimately change their fates forever.

Quick to assimilate into the Essenes’ spiritual lifestyle, Asaf falls in love with Miriam, a local healer, and finds himself drawn to her craft as much as he is drawn to her side. Meanwhile, Nimrod’s rebellious and independent nature causes friction between him and their conservative elders, and as he starts to attract more and more followers to his new and radical worldview, Asaf is torn between his admiration for Nimrod and his growing loyalty to the Essenes, their values, and his blooming secret love affair with Miriam.

Inspired by the true history of the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Adiya Shapira builds a gripping story of discovery and betrayal as Asaf, Miriam, and Nimrod grapple with crises of faith, passion, and painful choices amid the rise and persecution of a charismatic young prophet from Nazareth.

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