The Eagle's Secret Eraz aharoni
  • Author: Erez Aharoni
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

The Eagle's Secret

You will not want to read this book on an airplane!

Or it might be your last flight…

Ido Barnea, a non-typical Israeli combat pilot, is flying a routine night flight over the Negev desert when suddenly his reliable Skyhawk jet fighter starts to vibrate uncontrollably and finally crashes, forcing Ido to eject at the last possible second. At that exact moment, in the heart of Brussels, a young girl is kidnapped. What is the connection between those two incidents? Who is behind them?

Accused of betrayal, Ido is forced into a fast-paced dizzying chase in order to clear his name. Naama Sharon, a beautiful Mossad agent is sent after him, and the two encounter powerful arms dealers, cynical terrorists, and corrupted army officers. In their struggle, they discover that the two mysterious incidents hide a deplorable crime.

 Fast, Thrilling, High Voltage Writing

Aharoni manages to build up an exciting narrative in which sophisticated international hardcore criminal network acts as a setting for the building up a relationship between the main characters. Ethical dilemmas are integrated into what seems to be an impossible mission style novel. The technical and military background make this thriller especially rewarding.

Original, Thrilling Novel

The Eagle's Secret is an original, thrilling novel, full of jet-fighter-like twists and turns. Its fast pace will leave you breathless… yet wishing for more.

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