mission senator
  • Author: Charlie Wolfe
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Mission Senator: A Corrupt Politician Must be Stopped Before Washington D.C will Be Annihilated

Le Docteur, the arch-terrorist, founder of NEMESIS, is now in the United States after being forced to flee Europe. He is bent on avenging the wrongdoings committed against Muslims by the Crusaders, Communists, Colonialists, Capitalists and Jews. He forms an unholy alliance with Senator James Mc Corey, known as Muslim Bashing Jimbo, a racist who believes all Muslims in America should be expelled or incarcerated in concentration camps. Together, they execute a series of provocative terror attacks which are intended to instigate anti-Islamic sentiment and increase the Senator's popularity. These include an attack on the Capitol building with radioactive substances, causing panic at a ball-game in Yankee Stadium and bombing of a Pow-wow in New Mexico. A highly classified, advanced jet-fighter, F/A-22, disappears during a routine exercise. It turns up where least expected, and ends up bartered in exchange for the most coveted prize Le Docteur can dream of – a nuke. Mossad agent, David Avivi, is the only person who suspects that Le Docteur is behind these acts.

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