The Crowded Cosmos: A Definitive Review of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

The Crowded Cosmos: A Definitive Review of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

A comprehensive exploration of our search for life in the cosmos and its implications on understanding where we came from — and where we are headed.

Are we alone in the universe?

In mid-2021, the US Congress was presented with an unprecedented report on possible encounters with objects of unexplained origin, officially dubbed “Unidentified Arial Phenomena.”

With the official backing of scientific and defense communities, the possibility of a cosmos crowded with intelligent life grows ever more likely. But what would intelligent life beyond Earth look like? Could we even begin to comprehend it? How far are we from the definitive answer we’re looking for?

By examining the latest in cutting-edge astrophysical research, renowned astrophysicist Hagai Netzer and science author Ami Ben Bassat paint a uniquely comprehensive picture of the scientific revolution regarding the search for life on distant exoplanets: from the origin of biological life in our galaxy to the expanding search for extraterrestrial life, the far-reaching repercussions of space travel, and possible encounters with alien civilizations.

Riveting, original, and entertainingly thought-provoking, the unique concepts in The Crowded Cosmos challenge readers to ask a new set of questions about our life on the third planet from the Sun and the extraordinary possibilities of discovery in a crowded cosmos.

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