the color of tears
  • Author: Maya Gozaly
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

The Color of Tears

Do tears have a color? A boy imagines that they do and so much more!

A boy asks his mother, “What is the color of tears?”. He tries to guess their color and, among other things, matches each shade with a flavor. Sweet tears, salty tears, sour tears. He plays with imaginative descriptions. If the tears were as red as ketchup, he would spread them on sausage and swallow them in a second. He imagines that brown tears are like mud on his face. The mother plays along with the child and enjoys guessing along with him the color of the tears.

But whatever their color, he learns not to lock them inside

In the end she embraces him and tells him the most important message: No matter what color the tears will be, the main thing is not to leave them locked inside, not to stop them but to let them out. The mother's words move the child, and he hugs her tightly. The closeness between them leads the mother to shed a tear of happiness, and the boy sees his mother's tear as golden in color, which is to him the most special color.

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