The 7 Pillars of Leadership By Ziv Elul
  • Author: זיו אלול
  • Language: אנגלית
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

The 7 Pillars of Leadership

Gain a new perspective on the foundations of leadership and management through the seven fundamental conflicts every manager faces throughout their career.

When it comes to leadership, every one of us has the potential and talent to walk the path of a leader. But what exactly makes a successful leader?

In their empowering new book, Ziv Elul and Yaniv Fogel distill years of navigating the complex world of both the startup and public sectors into seven fundamental pillars every leader confronts on their way to true, lasting success.

By Balancing timeless Jewish philosophies with contemporary lessons from modern global leading executives, this book offers a rich and diverse skillset for dealing with the daily challenges of management:

  • Setting Goals – knowing when to follow through and when to move on.
  • Pressure – creating positive pressure at work without limiting employees.
  • Outside opinion – the right way to look at third-party consultants.
  • Equilibrium – How experienced executives strike a healthy balance between work and private life.
  • Trust – why micromanagement ruins your productivity.
  • Recruitment – recognizing the perfect worker for the right job.
  • Decision-making – the importance of emotional intelligence and how to hone it.

Enhance and reinforce your professional life through The 7 Pillars of Leadership, an instant must-read for new and veteran managers looking to move further up the road of leadership.

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