The 20 Time Keys Of the Mayan Waves
  • Author: Talya Toker
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

The 20 Time Keys Of the Mayan Waves

A journey of self-healing and transformation through the wisdom of the ancient Mayan calendar.

It is well known that time is one of the biggest scientific mysteries of life. But what if time is not at all what we think it is?

Hidden within the ancient Mayan calendar lies a world of knowledge that is the legacy of all human beings. This world of knowledge is of great importance and value in promoting freedom of consciousness and guiding our thoughts about time and its meaning. Its sole purpose is to generate a basic change in how we as humans perceive time.

The wisdom of the ancient calendar suggests the very real possibility that time is infinite and to experience it we must be in the present at every given moment. It shows us time is an internal affair and therefore we each experience it differently. This book embarks on a journey across the 20 Time Keys of the Mayan Waves, which describe fundamental elements related to our values and our interconnected lives. It lays down the paths we should walk in order to expand our consciousness and transform ourselves.

Talya Toker summarizes more than twenty years of studying the sacred calendar and the spiral meta-time of the Mayans in the 20 Time Keys. Her extensive research includes fascinating insights into human consciousness and addresses the deepest common factor to all humans – time.

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