That Time I Died

That Time I Died

When healthy, athletic, 18-year-old Yair finds himself bedridden in a hospital room and is informed that he is paralyzed from the neck down and may never walk again, his whole life shatters around him. While his family and friends believe it to be the result of a terrible accident, could the truth reveal a premeditated act?

Alone, confined to his bed, Yair finds refuge in the most unexpected place. Soon, the only thing keeping him going is the one-on-one conversations he begins having with God.

When Yair fails to wake up from his last surgery, he is left suspended between two worlds – our world and the beyond. With time running short, he realizes his death is quickly approaching.

When powerful secrets from his past are revealed, Yair knows that the choice to embark on a race against time – and death – is up to him.

That Time I Died is an inspiring coming-of-age story for young adults about the strength of spirit, learning from our mistakes, and the power of faith.

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