Tell Me Where It Hurts
  • Author: Doron Amosi
  • Language: English
  • Category: ביוגרפיה, יהדות, שואה

Tell Me Where It Hurts

What really happens behind a doctor’s closed doors?

Sundays are always crowded after the weekend without a doctor. Only two people work in the mornings: one specialist and one resident. I wonder how this morning’s list will look. From my parking spot, I can already see that the waiting room is full.

Tell Me Where It Hurts is a wholesome peek into the doctor’s office: The Intensity, the deliberations, system constraints, and of course, the doctor’s own personal life.

This book invites you to become a fly on the wall of the doctor’s office, to experience what happens within more realistically than you ever have before.

Dr. Doron Amosi, a Family physician and emergency room doctor at Tel Aviv medical center, presents the intricacies of family medicine from his unique point of view, shedding new light on the intensity, the difficulties, and most importantly, the beauty of this crucial profession.

This is a fascinating book for doctors of all specialties to discover the importance of doctor-patient relationships, and for patients to understand that on the other side of the table, behind the crisp white uniform, is a person.

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