• Author: Galia Koplis
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Supermarket of Beliefs

Construct your individual belief from the abundance of faiths and doctrines

A bridged manual about religions and faiths and a guide to the contemporary spiritual learner.

In today's world we have the freedom to believe whatever we want, but often lack the ability to navigate in the sea of spiritual beliefs around us. Supermarket of Beliefs helps one find an individual way within the abundance of available knowledge and plentitude of world religions.

By using a simple technique described in Supermarket of Beliefs it is possible to create a focus in your spiritual life and to branch out from it into various spiritual doctrines. Learn how to take the ingredients you want from any doctrine and creed, and combine them to create the perfect dish for you at this particular moment in your life.

Learn how to:

  • Examine and reevaluate your existing beliefs
  • Classify different religious elements according to their religion’s primordial energy and distinguish between essential types of religions
  • Choose ideas, techniques and customs from any faith and religion, in order to composes your individual religion, perfectly compatible for your needs, caricature, history and tendencies
  • Integrate new discoveries into your life without harming your spiritual integrity
  • Determine the forms of religion most suitable for you
  • Conceive of your life as a never-ending learning process of spiritual becoming

Find your way in the Supermarket of Beliefs

Today, learning a new religious teaching is as easy and available as shopping for new cloths. Purchase after purchase, one theory after another, looking for the next thrill. Each religion or spiritual doctrine promises us everything, and offers a unique conceptualization of its own, that negates all other explanations. But what about everything we learned and believed before? How can we integrate our prior experience with the new systems of thought we encounter? Must we choose between different faiths? And how do we deal with elements we reject in a certain religion?

In order to navigate in the maze of religiosity the author introduces a simple and effective classification system that pertains to the most popular religions and faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao, Zen, opposites and separation, mysticism, material–logic and secularism. The classification and techniques offered in Supermarket of Beliefs will enable you to construct your own personal faith with your own two hands.

Learn how to broaden your spiritual point of view without being overwhelmed. Experience the plurality and relativity of truth and use it as a resource for spiritual growth.

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