Speaking for Success by Ofer Reshef
  • Author: עופר רשף
  • Language: אנגלית
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Speaking for Success

Learn to conquer anxiety, sway any audience, and get results like the best public speakers in the world.

Why do we feel anxious whenever we are called to give a talk or presentation at work?

What makes some people exceptional speakers we want to listen to, while others have trouble maintaining even a semblance of our attention?

What makes people lead, follow, or stand in our way?

The answer? The difference between those who have mastered the art of presentation and those who have not.


An effective presentation is a critical component of success. It empowers the speaker and rallies the audience to their cause. It makes good messages great and great messages inspiring.

You don’t need to be a natural-born storyteller who instantly wins every argument or even talks like a TED speaker. These skills can be learned. In Speaking for Success, expert public speaking coach Ofer Reshef, who has already inspired tens of thousands of public speakers to succeed in business and leadership, shows you how.

From experts to novices, this book is a must-read for anyone who engages with others, forms connections, or conveys ideas in their daily lives. In Speaking for Success, you will discover how to:

  • Face your fears of speaking up
  • Build an effective presentation specifically for your cause
  • Effortlessly inspire audiences
  • Build and maintain attention
  • Tell your unique story
  • Form powerful openings and conclusions
  • Work on building excellent body language
  • Know when and where to use visual aids
  • Deal with disruption, distraction, and negate resistance
  • Unlock the number one secret for video presentation
  • And much more

Whether you are facing your co-workers and boss at a quarterly meeting or a daunting public debate, at work or at home, Speaking for Success will hone your skills to make you a charismatic, confident, and compelling presenter.

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