So Scary 6: Wolves in the Golan Heights
  • Author: Liora Carmeli
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

So Scary 6: Wolves in the Golan Heights

All they need to do is get the sheep back home, there’s no reason to be scared… or is there?

Ron’s parents have gone away and will return late that night. He was supposed to tell Alex, the neighbor, to round up the sheep and bring them home from the pasture, but Ron suddenly realizes he forgot. Together with Gil, his twin brother, he sets out to bring the herd home before it is too late and the sheep are attacked by wolves.

When they reach the pasture, they are relieved to discover that the sheep are okay, and just to be safe, they turn on their big flashlight to scan the area. Rocks, thorns, and… bright eyes, erect ears, a red tongue… a wolf! And another. And two more. Four wolves against two children. Will Ron and Gil manage to escape the wolves and rescue the herd?

Accompanied by lovely illustrations, “Wolves in the Golan Heights” is a wonderful book for young children who read by themselves and like a little dose of fear in their books.

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