So Scary 2: Adam and the crows
  • Author: Liora Carmeli
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

So Scary 2: Adam and the crows

Crows don’t attack children, there’s no reason to be scared… or is there?

Adam is lying outside in the shade until he suddenly hears the weak cry of a crow from a nearby tree. He decides to climb up and investigate, even though he’s never climbed that high before.

Finally, he sees it. A baby crow alone on the treetop. He decides to rescue it, but its crow parents have different ideas. They land nearby and attack Adam, pecking his hands that hold the young bird and trampling his arms that grip the branch. He is desperate to get down but can’t. Frozen with fear, his heart is pounding. Will he manage to get down from the tree and free himself of the crows?

Accompanied by lovely illustrations, “Adam and the Crows” is a wonderful book for young children who read by themselves and like a little dose of fear in their books.

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