Restless Children
  • Author: Dr. Meron Barak
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Restless Children

Modern problems require modern solutions – and the anthroposophic pedagogical approach is a key to overcoming childhood ADHD and anxiety.

Attention Deficit and anxiety disorders in children have been in consistent growth over the last four decades and have become the most prevalent disorders in school-aged children. Despite this worrying rise, we have yet to find a solution to either of these disorders within the medical and pedagogical systems.

Restless Children presents a groundbreaking approach to helping children with Attention Deficits or anxiety disorders thrive in school and in family life. Dr. Barak, an experienced physician, ADD and ADHD specialist, and psychotherapist, bases his proven method on a holistic approach that integrates medicine and anthroposophic pedagogy.

Rooted in the anthroposophic approach to child development and anthroposophic medicine, this book offers parents, teachers, doctors, and therapists crucial information and step-by-step solutions to ensure that every child suffering from ADHD or an anxiety disorder is empowered to reach their full potential.

Dr. Meron Barak draws from his rich experience of over thirty years as a doctor, ADD and ADHD specialist, and senior psychotherapist, as well as contemporary research in the field, to gather insights, tips, and practical tools based on the anthroposophic pedagogical approach, integrative and anthroposophic medicine approach to dealing with these common modern childhood disorders.

His book includes an in-depth introduction into the anthroposophic approach to child development, an in-depth description of ADHD and anxiety disorders and practical advice, making it a wonderful guide for anyone in the world of parenting, education, or therapy.

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