Red Vengeance: A Slow-Burning Mossad Political Thriller
  • Author: Uzi Eilam
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Red Vengeance: A Slow-Burning Mossad Political Thriller

If you wish for peace… Be ready for vengeance.

Gideon Ben-Ari is officially retired, trading the exciting life of global counterterrorism for a career as an international security expert. He is confident that the fate of Israel and the free world is safe in the hands of his successors – his innovative daughter Noam, her genius husband Dan, and their common friend “Erik” – son of Iranian doctor Nimer al-Khaldi, Gideon’s nemesis-turned-collaborator.

But in a world like Gideon’s, nothing lasts forever – especially peace.

Still recuperating from its failure in the Vatican, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps decides to enlist a new deadly ally in its quest for revenge against the Mossad – and against Gideon himself. Led by Dr. Madani, who heads a secret missile program, they turn to one superpower with enough military strength to help challenge the West – Russia.

Upon learning of the new axis surrounding the Middle East, the CIA and Mossad enlist Gideon and his company to foil a dangerous plot that might cost millions of lives. Combining new technological advancements and page-turning political drama, Gideon Ben-Ari’s new adventure puts him dead in the center of his most perilous mission yet – stopping an unstoppable force from assassinating both agencies’ top brass.

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