Quantum Dream
  • Author: Gadi Migdal
  • Language: English
  • Category: פנטזיה ומדע בדיוני

Quantum Dream

The clock is ticking and Nola’s time is almost up…

It is the thirty-ninth century. Humankind has been forced to escape planet Earth and settle in other new worlds across all corners of the galaxy.

Smart monkeys, enhanced dogs, and artificial brains allow for a comfortable and carefree existence, but this life of leisure and pleasure comes at a heavy price. The human race becomes atrophied and sinks into a life of delusions and idleness.

In one world, life is conducted without all the modern comforts. In this agricultural society humans grow crops in large nests, populated by genetically engineered insect. Each nest is ruled by a queen who is served by a human representative responsible for the administration of her realm.

Nola is a young woman, native of the planet, whose entire life has been devoted to this purpose.

Now, the queen of her nest is about to die, and her destiny must also herald Nola’s demise. However, other parties of whom existence she was not aware, make her an offer that is hard to refuse.

Her life may be spared, but at what cost?

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