Pregnancy - Dad's Survival Guide to 9 Months
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  • Language: English
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Pregnancy – Dad's Survival Guide to 9 Months

This is not just "another" pregnancy guide. It is the PERFECT guide for dads-to-be!

So if you're going to be a father in a few months – this book is for you!

And if you're going to be a mother – this is the BEST gift for your partner!

"Mission: Pregnancy" is an easy to read, humorous, masculine pregnancy guide, that speaks in a manly voice about a subject that was previously only for women – pregnancy.

It is an informative (and very funny) guide, full of tips and advice for all stages of pregnancy, delivery, and new parenthood.

What is the connection between ovulation and garters? Why and how do you count pregnancy in weeks? What are genetic tests, and how much will they cost? When and how does the baby start to hear you, and what can you say to the baby?

Everything you need to know about morning sickness, including critical coping mechanisms… useful advice for choosing your child’s name – and what not to call baby… How to survive shopping for baby… Why should you bring a ski suit to the birthing room? and what will life after the birth will REALLY look like?

This book is a must-read for every man whose partner is pregnant (or will be), and for every woman who wants to survive pregnancy without having her partner lose his shit entirely.

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