Planned Coincidence - Dana Arama
  • Author: Dana Arama
  • Language: English
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

Planned Coincidence

What would you do if you knew that a coincidental mistake you had made has lead to the death of your loved ones?

What would you do if you knew that it was a well planned coincidence?

A revengeful woman's pursuit after her lover, a Russian gangster who is responsible for the death of her husband and son, and who seeks to take away all her possessions.

Gabriela is a beautiful millionaire, a recognized art patroness, who leads an exemplary family life. She is tempted and swept into an affair with a mysterious and charming client. When her son and husband are kidnapped and murdered she discovers that they were not coincidental victims, and that the mysterious man is responsible for their deaths. In order to pull herself out of the depths of despair and alcoholism she is being drawn into, she must face the skeletons that were buried in her closet a long time ago, and carry out a brutal revenge against the murderer.

She formulates a vengeful plot and is helped by Guy – a young and handsome man who becomes her lover. Not knowing that he is a device in her plan, he dangerously interweaves his life with hers and risks his future for her.

Will he serve her needs? Will she risk his future? Will the Russian mafia kill them both?

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