Perfect New World
  • Author: Dr. Jacob Lavi
  • Language: Engliish
  • Category: פנטזיה ומדע בדיוני

Perfect New World

What would you be willing to do in order to live in a perfect world?

After 40 busy, demanding years of hard work, all Kobi wanted to do was live in peace and quiet.

His grand plan to spend more quality time with his family, faces imminent danger.

The Earth is on the brink of total destruction and the future of the entire world is hanging in the balance.

Everything is about to change when an unexpected meeting sets before him a challenge—to save the Planet from annihilation.

During his efforts to save plant earth from distraction caused by environmental abuse he encountered surprising facts about the creation and the history of humanity.

The countdown has started. Will Kobi succeed in the mission of a lifetime or has the fate of the humanity already been sealed?

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