Peace Flower
  • Author: Ada Aharoni
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

Peace Flower

Two teenagers want to save the world and bring peace to our planet.

Lee and Roni, two brave and inspiring teenagers, face the terrible nuclear dragon Nuki, who tries to stop them from bringing the magical peace flower to our earth, which can only be found in Esperia – Hope, the Land of the Future, to our Earth.

At the suggestion of the famous scientist Bayles, they travel our galaxy through the past, present and future, in a magical super-modern high-tech talking vehicle called Muzi, guided by Petra, the smart and resourceful sister of Peter Pan.

Their mission in space, to stop Nuki from destroying the world, and to find the unique flower, is dangerous and urgent. Will they manage to save humanity?

Peace Flower, the highly praised book by author Ada Aharoni, is a fantastic adventure for young and old, and an exciting allegory of our troubled times. It will delight readers with its vivid imagination, humor, and exciting story. Its magic is more exciting and impressive than even that of Harry Potter, and far more meaningful, for it is a powerful realistic allegory symbolic of our own lives and times.

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