Parenting - Dad's survival guide to the toddler years
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Parenting – Dad's survival guide to the toddler years

Are you a dad of a toddler? You will most certainly identify with everything written here!

This funny and honest book talks about what it’s really like being a dad. It brings together the most challenging, tiring, hilarious, and exciting situations in a parent's life!

It’s the BEST gift you can get yourself (if you're a Daddy), or for your partner (if you're a Mommy)!

What must be included in dad basic training?

What did you swear you would never do as a dad – and ended up doing exactly that?

What always happens to dads on vacations with the kids?

Which dads deserve a medal, and for what exactly?

Your life before and after kids… the evolution of parenting – from new dad to veteran dad… things you wish someone told you before you had a baby… questions only dads ask… things only dads do… statistics, facts of life, tips, and notes to self. All the signs you've finally turned into your father… and much, much more!

This must-read book was written for every dad who wants to survive his first years as a father without losing his sanity, and for any mom who wants to infuse this stage of parenthood with humor and laughter!

10 reasons to read this book:

  1. It’s real.
  2. It’s funny.
  3. It’s not expensive.
  4. It’s perfect for you.
  5. It’s a must read for dads.
  6. The illustrations are amazing.
  7. Your partner will also love it.
  8. It’s sensitive, but in a manly way.
  9. There are practical tips for you inside.
  10. It’ll make you realize that you’re not alone.
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