• Author: J. Tal
  • Language: English
  • Category: ילדים ונוער

P.T. and the green planet

Via a fictional tale that takes place in the sky, J. Tal guides the young readers through paths of communal, democratic decision making processes by using lovely characters, who reside in the Pencil Republic on the Green Planet.

The book focuses on five circles of power used to educate an optimal society: honesty, friendship, respect, sharing and fraternity. The story presents twelve different-shaped pencils: round, hexagon, ellipse, colorful, long, and short and others. Those pencils were elected as delegates of their districts to vote and decide on an important issue pertaining to the Republic Government.

J. Tal cast into pencil shapes twelve different characters of kids, who represent the day-to-day challenges kids deal with in schools on Planet Earth.

The best friend of each pencil tells the story of each character, while turning each one's weakness trait into their strongest one.

Doctor Hexagary, the harmony specialist, teaches the twelve delegates a lesson in running elections and decision making in a democratic way.

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