One Girl in Auschwitz

One Girl in Auschwitz

How will one girl survive the horrors of Auschwitz on her own?

Poland, 1944. The train slowed and halted with a squeal of the brakes. It felt like they waited in the carriage for an eternity, but eventually, the heavy doors opened, directly into the chaos outside.

Sarh Leibovits, a 16-year-old Jewish girl, was a passenger on the train, together with her family. Within minutes, their horrific fate was sealed.

The little family spent its final minutes together on the platform at Auschwitz, before its members were dispersed in all directions, and each was left alone to their own fate.

Isolated from her family, Sara was left alone to face the many physical labors and the lowest points of her life, while trying to maintain values like courage, faith and helping others, all to survive the true manifestation of Hell on earth – Auschwitz.

This is the moving story of Sara Leibovits, laced with hair-raising descriptions of her time in Auschwitz and the incredible pain and hardships she went through, together with the rest of the survivors. Her story is intertwined with that of her daughter, seventy years later, who embodies the voice of the second generation and completes the Holocaust survivors’ tale.

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