José and The Broken Mirror

Noway, José and The Broken Mirror

Noway, José, Regina the Ragdoll and Helpmi the Fireman decide to come to the rescue and bring him over to Granny Love to be repaired.

But the mirror they use this time is broken, and their plans go awry.

Noway, José and the brown bear arrive at Betternot’s factory where they are forced to work the machinery that makes spicy food for his ninety-nine hungry children.

Regina the Ragdoll lands on a field of thorns and little Helpmi finally gets a chance to make a real rescue this time and not just make-believe.

How will Regina and Helpmi get out of the dark Evil Forest they were trapped in while searching for their friends?

Who will save the captive toys from the hands of Betternot?

The third book in the Night Magic series allows us a glimpse into the world of the mysteries of the night with toys waking up to reveal formidable courage, devoted to helping one another. Let’s discover how love and wisdom can mend a broken, aching heart.

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